Here we present our simple table style comparison article

Fountain Pen vs Ball Point Pen


   Fountain Pen    Ball Point Pen

  Ease of use

 Takes long hours of training to reach the level when it the result is beyond satisfaction. Just grab a pen and start writing. Basic elementary school education required:)

Skill level

Requires additional skill and attention. Needs a lot of practice to achieve even results.


 One should always carry a bottle of ink or some spare cartridges along . Just the pen itself. No additional aquipment needed.


 More expensive at general. Though some cheap models available, they won't appeal any serious user. Cheaper to produce. Needs less care - just make sure not to drop it on the floor ballwards.


 Old pens are difficult to recycle. Made out of resin, bakelite etc. Some plastic could be recycled. If properly disposed - No litter whatsoever.


 Both pens do the job, but using the fountain one - no such feeling. Writing, drawing or just doodling - ball point pen is allways ready and the result is predictable.


 Personallized handwriting. Calligraphy - here I come. Basic use - moderate result. Even lines..
Verdict If you prefer pleasure to speed, you can't go wrong choosing fountain pen to ball point one. At least for the special occasion. Ball point pen simply delivers expectable result - in many cases this is simply enough.

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