Here we present our basic comparison table named


"Safety Razor vs Straight Razor Shaving".

 Criteria     Safety Razor  Straight Razor

 Ease of use    

 Just Replace the cartridge once not sharp enough. Needs honing, strop and additional care to keep it shave ready.

 Skill level

 Requires additional skill and attention. Needs a lot of practice to achieve even results.


 Carry just a brush and a soap. A strop, hone, brush and soap are needed - lager gear bag.


 New cartridge once in a while. After the initial investment - just a new soap.


 Old cartridges are thrown away. Waste. No litter whatsoever.


 Both razors make you feel more mature, calm and steady. Near meditation - act slowly and focus on the shave.


 Smooth face, nice smile, great mood. No irritation, better result, smoother skin.
 Verdict Both razor types give much better shave than modern 3 to 5 blade disposable shave razors. If you prefer pleasure to speed, you can't go wrong choosing straight or safety shave razor to multi blade disposable one.


 Useful links: how to shave with a straight razor.

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