Why should you instal an analog odometer on your vintage bike?

How to Install Vintage Analog Mechanical Bike Odometer User Manual

The same reason that you placed this old vintage leather bike pouch instead of the new zipped textyle one.

Though not as acurate as the digital ones, the analog mechanical bicycle odometer shurely will add some style to your bike. Rough metal body with spinning gear wheel on the fork of your bike - that looks great! Being able to distinguish yourself from thousands of bikers equipped with cheap digital plastic odometers.


Simple and easy installation:

  1. Before purchase, make sure the odometer fits your tire size. Most of the vintage bike odometers have a hallmark or stamp indicating tire size they are designed to worl with. Failing to match it, you will get less accurate results. Great looks are guaranteed, though.
  2. Install the nut on a spike, leveling it with the turning wheel of the odometer. Remove the screw, place it on the spike and then tighten the screw to securely fix it. Position is only limited by the fork. There should be a free pace to install the odometer itself. 
  3. Mounth the odometer on the fork. Make sure but and wheel are alighned perfectly. This will ensure longer use and less noise. It's a good idea to check rotation direction, otherwise it will count backwards. 


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