How to make Wine at Home

Tips and Tricks of Home Wine Making. Proven techniques for sure results when producing grape wine by yourself.

  • Home made wine - Why is it so Healthy

    Home made wine - Why is it so Healthy

    No mistake here. Red wines are really red. Can be purple-red or pale brick red or ruby ​​red, but certainly are red. The red wines are made from grapes with red or purple bluish color. Of course, the most obvious difference between red and white wine is their color. The red color is obtained when the clear grape juice remains in contact with the skins of red grapes during fermentation and assumes their color. Besides color, grape skins give the wine tannin - a substance which is an important part of the taste of the wine. The content of tannin in red wine is actually the main difference between red and white wines. Overall reds are more complex than white wines, i.e. in their tasting feel much more aromas and taste components (which is logical, given that they contain at least one thing in more than whites - tannin).Read More

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  • How to make a Great Red Wine at Home Success Recipe

    How to make a Great Red Wine at Home Success Recipe

    Many things are written about wine, so I will be honest to admit that in this section we have collected already known to the world information. The question is how to read it. It all depends on your attitude to the drink of gods.For some people wine is just an alcoholic drink, but in any event they able to say "I like the taste" or "do not like". Here such people will find useful information on how to make wine, it's variety and the way to serve him.There are people to whom wine has become an object of curiosity. They are in their early stages of learning. "What will it be tonight, red or white?" Or "Is there anything but Chardonnay?". There is one particularly nice group of people who will probably be interested in more detailed information about different wine varieties and regions for tasting, or the aging of wine.Then come the sophisticated wine connoisseurs and critics who are our allies and friends, and have already met with the volume of information here, but we hope that even they will discover something new.I believe that everyone is entitled to a glass of good wine an wish you a pleasant moments that I hope to be helpful.Cheers!Read More

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