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  • Parker "25" Vintage Parker Pens Facts and History

    Parker "25" Vintage Parker Pens Facts and History

    In 1941, a Parker subsidiary appeared in the city of Newheven (England), and since then a huge number of attractive models that were not manufactured in the USA have been produced on it, first of all - Duofold lines. In the 70s, the brand persistently struggled for survival in a variety of ways, including the Manpower recruitment agency. In the production of pens, the company focused on the high-end line Parker "75", Classic, Parker Falcon and Parker "180", as well as pens at a lower price Parker "45", produced already for a certain time, Parker "B5", which never failed to achieve success, and cheap Big Reds, the reminiscence of the heyday of the 1920s, which were supposed to keep the company afloat.Read More

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  • Choose the right pen for your hand and needs

    Choose the right pen for your hand and needs

    Arguably it is only during exams the need for a pen arises out of nowhere. Other than that, all thingshave gone digital of late including the writing instrument in contention.Which is why choosing the right pen is pertinent despite advancements in technology. As it is the casewith any product, pens also have certain attributes that make buying tricky. You needn’t choose a Peninstantly from a POS counter if you know the attributes inside-out. In this blog, we will expand just 4buying attributes with nodes to psychology, and the Shakespearean Fountain Pen Vs Ball Penconundrum.Read More

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