Bashkiria Wild Bee Honey

Bashkiria Wild Bee Honey

District of Bashkortostan Burzian is its home and it's the only living creature witch produces the wonderful healing and therapeutic Bashkirian honey. Since ancient times, nature and climate in Bashkiria promoted beekeeping. Vast expanses linden forests , mountain , meadow and steppe grasses allow Burzian hardworking bees to create an amazing product .

However, it should be noted that recently, a lot of fakes arrised. And even marking Bashkir enterprises does not prevent such action. This was written many times in the press. Bashkir honey is realy hard to find. Evidence of the right to use the trademark and the name " Bashkir honey " has only Bashkir NO center on beekeeping and apitherapy. But on an industrial scale this center produces Bashkir honey. And therefore it is not clear where and how you can buy this unique natural phenomenon - Bashkirian honey.

Wild Bee Bashkirian Honey Ancient Kraft Russia

Houses for Burzian bees - this is not the hive, but hollows. The first harvest is gathered around mid-summer, so the Bashkir honey in May is near sciense fiction. Bashkir honey is created without the participation of the people , it is entirely wild bees produced. This fact affects its miraculous properties . And this translates to a rather high price of this product , because the wild honey bees produce less than their domestic counterparts. Wild creatures , unlike the " domesticated ", including insects , produce food for their little ones far more nutritious and concentrated. Therefore, it should be used in smaller doses, and its effect is stronger and faster than conventional honey. Bashkir honey is used in the same way as a conventional honey . It is recommended to give even small children a little half a teaspoon with a glass of warm milk. On the basis of the Bashkir honey a great variety of drugs are prepared, both for internal and for external use, cosmetics.


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