Should I Try Safety Razor Shaving

Should I Try Safety Razor Shaving

Here is some story one of my friends shared recently:

    It's been a week since I went using classic razor blade shaver (the so-called ."Double edge razor").
The reason is simple - just recently bought Mach 3 lasted only 4 shaves. I tried also with three different razors - 2 reusable and one Ephemera - the first one lasted four shaves, while the last one gave up after first one (it was a cheap brand, so I guess it is expected to last less).

As a user I'm very disappointed with the quality and decided to try the classic wet shave. Originally bought from " Department Store" shaver "Wilkinson Sword Classic" ( not found elsewhere of this type ) , Bulgarian shaving cream and a brush, which I guess is Bulgarian or Chinese . I lay all around 13 bucks. In the box there was 5 razor blades from the same brand , so I did not have to buy them separately.
Expecting the first shave to be more like a scene from a cheap Chinese film ( I have 4 stitches in a finger cut from a can a few years ago and one white wall had become covered in splashes of blood that came out in clumps ) . Naturally I did not expect to be so brutal, but I had gotten used to the idea of going cut work in all patches .
Nothing like this happened - shaving went smoothly and only one place to let little blood, there was my fault - all wrote that no pressure is used and the severity of the shaver.
Ultimately I was satisfied with shaving and I think all my disposable shaver heads will go down in history . Somehow four lev 4 shaves ( Fusion of heads are more expensive ) to perform alone , slightly I do not see a good price.
Nearly 60 lev for Edwin Jagger DE89L spent afterwards ( which I expect to arrive in about a week ) , but I thought its an investment for life , at least judging by various classic shaver from Gillette in 1914 , costing more than $ 100 second hand . I personally would never shave with something that was used by a stranger , but all people are different ...
As for the razor blades - one box of 5 costs about 1.50 lev bought them from another big store, so do not know if somewhere could be found even cheaper . With a knife you could do about 4 shaves or possibly more , it depends on the person and the brand.
Today I changed the first razor on the fifth shave because I wanted to try a new brand , not because it had become worn and scratched. So what comes out - 30 cents vs. 4 lev 4 shaves (7.5 cents against 1 lev shaving ) . Not everything is money, but the only change that can save additional lev 192.40 per year (52 * 3.70 ) , apart from the initial investment of about 50-100 lev (there are decent brushes 12 lev and nice more than 30 ) . Even with these costs are 92,40 lev , which can be used for something else. For example, this month I changed distributor cap , wires and plugs on my car. A friend of mine bought them at a discount and I installed them myself , so I paid only the parts that were about 75 lev .
But, as I said above , all is not money - now it is fun and interesting each subsequent shaving, because I learn new things and get better at technique.
And, most of all, I am delighted that once again I have proven that marketing companies do best , just the most famous .

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